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Cambridge South construction

28th September 2023 (45 MB).

10th November 2023 from busway bridge (25 MB).

10th November 2023 from Addenbrooke's Road bridge (40 MB).

21st February 2024 (50 MB).


Class 700 to King's Lynn

4th November 2020 (20 MB).


Platform lengthening at Waterbeach

6th October 2019 (40 MB).

30th November 2019 (33 MB).

18th December 2019 (16 MB).

18th January 2020 (20 MB).

27th March 2020 (12 MB).

25th April 2020 (16 MB).

30th May 2020 (20 MB).

31st October 2020 (16 MB).


Documents from 1845

Newspaper report (courtesy of the Cambridgeshire Collection) of the opening of the line between Bishops Stortford and Norwich, starting in the 4th column. In the 3rd column is a report of the first general meeting of the Lynn and Ely railway company, which built the northern part of our line in stages over the next couple of years. The first London - Ely timetable is here.